Main features


easyPlanner allows you to manage the “things you need to do” through the “Tasks”. These tasks can contain infinite sub-tasks (multi-tasks) and can be grouped into folders.


The “multi-task” function is a multilevel function that allows you to create an item that can contain further items related to the first one. Our multi-level function will revolutionize the way you think and manage your commitments. 


easyPlanner allows you to group your  tasks together by creating a folder.


When a certain number of tasks are closely related to each other and they concern significant commitments, it is possible to manage them as a single project. Even the project, like the task, can contain infinite sub-tasks (multi-tasks).

For example, if you have to renovate one or more buildings, it is possible to create a project to manage the construction site. Within the project you can create a certain number of folders to divide the various types of tasks. Each folder can contain several tasks and macro-tasks that you have to monitor and / or carry out.

You can monitor your projects using graphs to quickly see your progress.


easyPlanner allows you to manage the “things you need to remember” both in free format and in a structured format using memos.

Free format

Single piece of information

Structured format

More related information from topic


The “Report” function was born of the need to represent a set of complex data or complex tasks in the form of a table so that they can be printed and read more easily. Thanks to this function you will be able to graphically visualize a set of recurring tasks in a simple way and you will be able to monitor the progress of these tasks daily.

Focus Timer

Focus Timer has been designed after a careful study based on several time management theories. It is a very advanced “time management” system which consists in dividing time into intervals, each of which is characterized by a task that you have to do. This division leads the subjects who use it to be much more efficient, to better manage their time and to constantly develop their mental abilities.


Manage your tasks

There are many ways to manage your tasks! You can use:



The “Tags” function allows you to associate one or more words to a specific context in order to highlight the main topics. With the tags you can quickly aggregate your tasks and search them through their common keyword.

Keyword lists

With Keyword lists you can create dynamic lists where all your tasks containing a specific keyword will be grouped together. You can set and view the most recurring / or favorite keywords in the Home in order to better manage your time.


easyPlanner allows you, through the “location” function, to program the tasks that you will have to carry out in a certain place. You can decide whether to activate the function:

  • When you arrive” that will notify you what to do when you arrive at a certain place.
  • When you leave” that will notify you what to do when you move away from a place.

So when you get to the mall you will be notified that you have to buy bread, for example, whereas when you go away from work you will be advised that you have to take the suitcase home with the documents you will need the next day.


All tasks (and projects) can be contained in single-issue lists, if appropriate. It is thus possible, for example, to create a “Home” list and a “Work” list to keep the respective contents completely separate. You can also mark your lists with different colors to distinguish them more easily.


Tasks and projects can be delegated to other people who have easyPlanner. The delegator may decide to move the delegated tasks to a special section to remember to check whether these tasks have been completed by the delegate or not, whereas the delegate can import the tasks that have been delegated to him /her in a very simple way.


“Groups” have been added to allow you to group the Tasks present in the various Views according to predefined criteria (e.g. Priority) or customizable (e.g. Name of the participants in an event).

Status management

easyPlanner allows you to attribute a status to your tasks to monitor their progress. You will be able to choose four status for your tasks:


•  In progress: it is a status dedicated to the tasks you are doing.


•  Pending: it is the status of tasks that have yet to be completed.


•  Suspended: it is a status for tasks that, for various reasons, have been suspended.


• Done: it is a status for tasks that have been definitively completed.


Through the Home view you can quickly see your tasks grouped by state of completion. Every time the tasks undergoes a change of status (i.e. going from “in progress” to “paused”) you can simply select the task and modify it by pressing the icon.

Due Dates

With Due Dates you will not be able to forget your commitments. You just have to set within the activity the deadline indicating the date, the eventual recurrence and how long before you want to be notified (one week before, one day before, one hour before, five minutes before, at expiration etc.). At the right time easyPlanner will send you a notification to remind you of the things you need to do.


Thanks to the Agenda view easyPlanner will allow you to keep track of your schedule and your appointments at any time.

Agenda will also integrate the Apple calendar. 

You can add your events in the calendars directly from here in a practical and fast way.

You can decide which calendars to see and which to hide.

iCloud sync

With easyPlanner you can archive your photos, your documents, your tasks, etc. on ICloud and you can synchronize all your devices automatically and simultaneously. Regardless of the device you are using (IPhone or Ipad), you will always have the latest version of your documents available.


easyPlanner allows you to copy your data, files, photos, etc. within iCloud Drive so you have a backup of your data. You can use it to bring your device back to the last copy made in case of an accidental error or a malfunction.

Personal content

The single information managed (tasks, projects, bulleted lists and memos) can be set as “Personal” to prevent it from being displayed. A pressure on the image of the red padlock will show them (it is also possible to set a password that can be optionally managed by TouchID or FaceID). A pressure on the image of the green padlock will hide it again.

Dark mode

easyPlanner allows you to change its appearance making the application much more flexible and customizable than other managers. It will be possible to choose in complete autonomy the mode of the theme by deciding whether to use the “Dark” or the classic “Light” theme.

Speech recognition

easyPlanner recognizes your voice and writes the tasks for you.


Photos & Images

easyPlanner provides you with a professional tool to insert and manage your photos and images within yuor tasks/ projects/ lists/memos. Inserting photos and images, directly from the camera or from the gallery, you will no longer forget the brands of the products you have to buy, the business cards of your favorite restaurants, etc.

Voice records

Add voice mails within your task that you can later listen to again


With easyPlanner you can quickly and instantly share tasks, bulleted lists, memos, projects, images, etc. using numerous tools. You can share your documents using AirDrop, E-mail, massages or using other applications of your choice.


Using this function you will be able to print or create PDF files of all your tasks, memos, projects and bulleted lists as you have organized them.

Sorting methods

easyPlanner allows you to organize the vision of tasks / bulleted lists / memos and projects in a custom way, putting at your disposal five methods of order:


1) In alphabetical order

2) Based on the date of creation

3) Based on the deadline

4) Based on the tag

5) In a custom way

6) The new group feature


With easyPlanner you can monitor your tasks / memos and projects conveniently and in real time through a series of graphs.

You can monitor the percentage of completion of your project through a beautiful pie chart. You can also view a numerical report of the tasks that make up the project.

For example, you can monitor your productivity by observing this simple chart within the “done” tasks. In addition, easyPlanner will calculate an average of the completed tasks for you.

Home customization

With this function easyPlanner allows you to create a product tailored for you and your needs, giving you the possibility to customize your home, adding or removing sections. You can move each section as you like, creating a ladder according to your needs.

Always on display

easyPlanner provides you with the Always on Display mode, a function that prevents the phone from being turned off when you consult a specific task, project, bulleted list or memo that requires to be on display.

In certain situations it is inconvenient for the display to turn off after a certain period of inactivity. Imagine being at the supermarket and consulting the shopping list to make purchases. Moving along lanes you should repeatedly unlock the phone to continue consulting the list of the products to have to be.

Guides & Tutorials

easyPlanner provides you numerous tutorials, both in the app and on the website, to help you understand its potential and its flexibility. You can check our “Guide” to find lots of uses and lots of news on easyPlanner operation and improve the way you use it.

You will discover many features that you would never have imagined. With easyPlanner you can:

  • better manage your business cards.
  • manage your appointments and passwords.
  • organize a trip quickly.
  • take care of your pet.
  • manage and organize your medicines and have a report on their intake.
  • and much more.


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