About us

About Us

easyLIFE is a young company composed of experts in the economic and IT sectors. But first of all we are a group of individuals of various ages with different ideas and interests who have to face and solve daily problems and who can therefore understand yours. Our company is a close-knit team that works incessantly to find new simple solutions to your needs.

Our mission is to make life, nowadays so complex, simpler. We want to create and provide applications that will revolutionize your way of thinking and that will allow you to be more productive, having a more organized life. Our aim is to provide you innovative apps that are simple and easy to use in order to enhance your time management and simplify your daily routine. That’s why our motto is: “life has never been so simple!” This is the philosophy that you will find at the basis of our products and our app easyPLANNER fully reflects it.

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