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It doesn’t matter what pet you have: a dog, a cat, a fish, a parrot, a hamster or a piglet, all of them need care and attention and it’s not always easy to manage everything that concerns them.               

Our pets often need:

  • Regular visits to the vet
  • Vaccines
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Sport and play

But are you sure to remember everything? Any appointment to the vet? Any booster dose? Did they get vaccinated against heartworm? What brand of food do you have to buy? Do you usually buy small or large cans? Do I have to buy pumpkin seeds or buckwheat? When did I clean the fish bowl the last time?

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Don’t go crazy! Today there is a simple and fast solution to better manage your pet. You can bring with you every useful information about your pet and use it at the right time without having to rack your brains to remember things. easyPlanner does all of this for you. It allows you to:

  • remember appointments at the vet.
  • remember the medications your pet is taking and monitor the intake.
  • memorize the vaccinations you have made (entering the date when the vaccine is made and the indicative expiry date of the vaccine, so you can remember when to go and get a booster dose).
  • memorize her/him favorite food (attaching photos or registration and writing prices and any current offers in the notes).
  • remember the websites where you can buy food saving the link (e.g. if you have an exotic animal, food should often be ordered on special online shops that will send you the most suitable food).
  • memorize the brand products you use for them (e.g. shampoo, wipes, pet brush etc.)
  • manage and monitor medicines intake (every day you will remember when to give your pet the medicines he/she needs and you can have a report on taking his/her medicine).
  • manage the cleaning of the aquarium (in the case of fish) of the theca (in case of amphibians or reptiles), of the cage (in case of hamsters or guinea pigs), of the aviary (in the case of birds) or simply of the kennel, blankets and cat litter (in the case of dogs and cats).
  • memorize information about agility or aesthetic competitions (the place, the date, the names of the judges, your dog’s possible progress, weight, measurements, etc.)

You will therefore be able to memorize all the information you need to better manage your pet according to its needs.

Quick procedure

We will provide you some tutorials to better manage your pet, trying to optimize the resources at your disposal. It will allow you to take care of him/her without wasting too much time.

To better explain the procedures, let’s give a concrete example: my pet, Achille, a 4-year-old Labrador.

1 - Create a bulleted list called "Achille" using the "+" button and selecting the appropriate item "Bulleted list".
2 - Enter the general information you may need: dog breed, age, sex and current weight. You can also attach photos and recordings to complete the dog card. To display the bulleted list in the Home, press the "Home" button and the "Save" button to save the bulleted list.
3 - You can find your "Achille" list in the "Bulleted lists" section inside the Home.
4 - Inside the "Achille" bulleted list, create an item called "Medicine" using the "+" button. Press the "Save" button to save the entry.
5 - In the "Medicine" entry, enter the first medicine using the "+" button. Enter all the information related to that medicine and save.
6 - Continue to enter your pet's medications as described above.
7 - When you have finished entering all the medicines, you will get a detailed list of all the medicines your pet takes.

You can repeat the procedure described for the “Medicines” to enter everything you need to remember, in order to better manage your pet (e.g. the brand of your favorite food, the amount of cans you prefer to buy, the vaccines you have made, etc.).


Suppose that the vet has prescribed antibiotic for 10 days and you are afraid to forget it. easyPlanner allows you to create tasks that will remind you, with a notification, when to give your pet the antibiotic. You can also be sure that you have given him/her the medicines every day by creating a report. With this tutorial you will learn how to “transform” something you need to remember (e.g. the name of the antibiotic) into a thing to do (e.g. give the dog the antibiotic) and create reports to monitor the medicines intake.

1 - Inside the "Medicine" bulleted list, highlight "Antibiotic X", drag it to the left (this way the menu will appear) and press the edit button.
2 - Press the "Copy as" button.
3 - Press the "Task" button.
4 - Select the "InBox" item.
5 - Press on the drawing of the folder and name it "Achille".
6 - Select the newly created "Achille" folder and press the "Move" button.
7 - Inside the Home, in the "InBox" section, you will find the "Achille" folder with the antibiotic X inside. As you can see, the "Antibiotic" item can be checked as it has become a task.
8 - Enter the "Antibiotic" task and press the edit button.
9 - Enter the deadline and press the "Expiry" button.
10 - Enter the deadline and eventually the warning (5 minutes before / 1 hour before / etc.) and press the "Done" button.
11 - Enter the repetition (antibiotic for 10 days) by pressing the "Repeat" button.
12 -Decide how long to repeat the "Antibiotic" task (in our case we press "On every given period" and select 10 days). Then we create a report by pressing the "Report" button.
13 - Enter the name of the report "Achille's medicines" and press the "Create" button.
14 - Select the "Achille's Medicine" item.
15 - Press the "Done" button and the "Done" button again if you don't want to change anything else; otherwise change what you want by entering other information and then press the "Done" button.
16 - After giving the medicine to the dog, check the box and you will see that the task will reappear but with deadline "Tomorrow".
17 - To monitor if you have regularly given the antibiotic to your pet, you can press the "Report" button in the menu at the bottom of the Home and select "Achille's Medicine".
18 - You can see how many times you have given the tablets to your pet and if you have missed a few days by mistake. You can finally be sure that you have given him/her all the necessary medicines to keep him/her healthy.

If you have been intrigued by our article and want to try the easyPlanner app you can download it on the App Store!


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