Organizing your holidays has never been so simple!


Has the summer time come? Where will you go on vacation? Have you already booked anything?

When the summer is approaching we begin to get excited to better organize our holidays. Every year we go crazy to: 

  • find the best offers.
  • organize every little detail of the trip (e.g. transport from the airport to the hotel, the number of the taxi that will pick you up, the metro line, etc.).
  • take note of the restaurants where you want to go.
  • take note of the opening time of the museums and exhibitions we want to see.
  • pack your suitcase and buy the missing things. 

We also print a lot of useless booking sheets (car hire, hotel booking, plane ticket, museum ticket, etc.) that we have to take with us in a chaotic folder where we’ll never find what we need.

With easyPlanner, organizing your trip has never been easier. You will be able to insert a lot of information and images into it and bring with you everything you need without unnecessary sheets or folders. With our app you can:

  • bring your reservations with you by simply attaching the photos (hotel, flight ticket, car rental, etc.).
  • memorize the means of transport and any metro lines you need.
  • remember any booked museums or exhibitions: you can set a deadline that will remind you any already-booked activity, e.g. a museum you have bought the tickets for.
  • enter the restaurants you want to go to (you can attach photos such as the menu, the opening hours and also the link to the restaurant website, so you can book it quickly).
  • pack your suitcase without forgetting anything.
  • remember things you have to buy in a certain place (easyPlanner will allow you to assign to the things you have to buy a place and, when you arrive in that place, it will remind you of the things you have to buy by sending a notification).
  • monitor your organization by checking progress graphs.

Quick procedure

We provide you a tutorial to organize your holidays quickly and without stress. With this “handbook” you will learn how to create a project, insert everything you need to organize your trip and monitor the progress of the project.

Suppose we have to organize a trip to the beautiful Belgian capital city, Brussels.

1- Create a project called "Brussels" using the "+" button and select the appropriate "Project" item.
2 - Insert the tags, images, notes and everything you want into the "Brussels" project. Press the "save" button to save the project.
3 - You can find your project in the "InBox" section inside the Home.
4 - Select the "Brussels" project and create a folder called "Museums" using the "+" button. Press the "save" button to save the folder.
5 - Select the "Museums" folder and insert the first museum you want to visit using the "+" button. It inserts all the information related to that museum and saves the first task.
6 - Continue entering the museums you want to visit.
7 - When you have finished entering all the museums, you will get a detailed list of all the attractions you want to see in Brussels.
8 - You can create a folder for everything you want to take with you. For example a "Reservations" folder containing all your reservations (hotel, airline tickets, car rental, train tickets, etc.). Or a "Restaurants" folder with the names and phone numbers of the most beautiful restaurants in the Belgian capital city where you want to have dinner.
9 - During the trip, check off our completed tasks.
10 - To observe your progress you can check the completion bar below the "Brussels" project or below the folders to see the completion of that folder (e.g. Museums).
11 - If you want more detailed data you can enter the "Brussels" project and press the "i" button.
12 - You can now observe all your progress in a simple and intuitive way.

Once back home you can decide whether to keep the project or delete it permanently. In the first case, you won’t have to do anything, in the second case instead:

1 - Select the "Brussels" project and drag it to the left to bring up the side menu. Press the "Delete" button and the project will be permanently deleted.

If you have been intrigued by our article and want to try the easyPlanner app you can download it on the App Store!


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