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Business Card


Do you have a thousand business cards you no longer know where to put? Do you automatically lose new customers’ business cards? Do you get those boring business cards every time you meet new people at conferences? Are you desperately looking for “that” business card in your wallet because you have to book your chief’s favorite restaurant for lunch with new customers?

easyPlanner offers you an optimal tool to manage even your business cards. You can simply scan them and keep them in a bulleted list or you can organize them in a more complex way as your own mind would unconsciously do (starting from the macro-areas and then narrowing down to the individual cases).

Example - Mental organization of business cards

Example 1 – Simple organization

The organization is developed only on a few levels.

Example 2 – Complex organization

The organization is developed on many levels

Using easyPlanner you can therefore avoid bringing all the notes with you and you can simply and quickly view everything you are interested in (name, email, company identification number, telephone number, etc.). You can throw away all those useless cards and replace them with a single app that helps you manage all the things you need to do and remember.

You can also stop printing those old-fashioned business cards because easyPlanner will allow you to share your business card with anyone (either via the same app or via email, messages, chats, etc.). You can receive those of your colleagues, customers or suppliers simply with a click. Your life will become easier with easyPlanner

Quick procedure for business cards management

We provide you a tutorial to optimize the management of your business cards. You can learn how to insert, organize and share your business cards in just a few simple steps.

creating and managing business cards

1- Create a bulleted list called "Business Card".
2 - Within the bulleted list "Business card", create a sub-voice called "Work" using the "+" button. This item will be used as a container to insert business cards related to your work.
3 - In the entry "Work" insert the first Business card (A&G bags) in the bulleted list using the "+" button. Within the "A&G bags" section you can insert notes and attach photos, images or recordings.
4 - Save the business card.
5 - Repeat the procedure for all the other business cards.
Sharing business cards 
1 - Enter the ticket you want to share.
2 - Drag to the right and press on the second menu item.
3 - Press on the "share" item.
4 - Share by choosing the method you prefer (messages, emails, etc.).

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