The “Report” function graphically displays the frequency with which certain types of recurring tasks occur. For example, reports are useful to daily monitor:
• Taking various medications (tablet A, syrup B, tablet C, tablet D)
• Various sports activities (gym, yoga, soccer)
• The various projects (project A, project B, project C).

Any recurring task can be included in a Report. If the recurring task is “Continue” the report will also indicate the number of times that this task was carried out on that specific day.

Let’s see how to create a Report to monitor the daily intake of some medicines.

Medication management has never been easier!

Thanks  to easyPlanner, managing medicines becomes simple and practical. With this handy application you will be able to insert your recurrent medicines and monitor to have taken them regularly. Depending on your needs, you can set:

• Due date (when you have to take them)

• A repetition (every given period, day of the week, day of the month)

Using the report function you will get a “summary” of your clinical situation.

Quick procedure

We propose you an optimized path to use the “Report” function at its best.

1- Create a folder named “Medicine".

2- Insert the first medicine in the folder using the "+" button. After entering the name (including the photo and the various components) tap on "Repeat".

3- In "Repeat" select one of the following options: "Never repeat", "Repeat every day", "Repeat every week" or "Repeat every month" in according to your needs.

4- Then tap on "Report" and create the "Medicine" report.

5- Save the medicine and proceed with entering the other medicines.At the end of the procedure you will have a recap with all the medicines you have to take.

6- If you wish to check a "summary" of your clinical situation, you can tap on the report item (in the bottom bar below) and select the "Medicine" record.

If you have been intrigued by our article and want to try the easyPlanner app you can download it on the App Store!


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