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easyPlanner is an innovative app that allows you to change its appearance, making it much more flexible and customizable than other productivity apps. Within easyPlanner there are two modes, “Light” which is quieter and more classic and “Dark” which is more captivating and innovative. You can decide the mode according to your needs, taste and mood.

The Dark mode will allow you to take advantage of a darker display of the graphic and textual elements of the application to avoid stressing your eyes when there is little light. easyPlanner will make the night mode a pleasant experience.

Quick procedure

Although the default mode is “Light”, you can change it quickly with few simple steps.

1) Tap on Settings (you can find it in the lower right corner).

2) Within the “Aspect section” you will find a switch to select the “Dark mode”.

3) The appearance of easyPlanner in now dark.

If you have been intrigued by our article and want to try the easyPlanner app you can download it on the App Store!


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